Handmade scarf made from ethically produced, cruelty free silk. Each piece is dyed, printed and embroidered by hand with natural materials.

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These scarves are handmade from start to finish without any industrial process. The silk is spun and woven by hand, then painted, printed and embroidery so that each scarf is unique. The silk used is called “Eri silk” and is grown and made by indigenous tribes in the Assam area of which the silk worm is a native species. Eri silk is cruelty-free because it does not rely on the premature death of the silkworm. Upon maturation, the silkworm-turned-butterfly breaks out of the cocoon, made of one single thread of silk, severing it. To preserve the precious single thread in all its length there is but one thing to do: kill the silkworm before it’s ready to fly. Eri Silk is derived by the cocoon of the Eri silkworm who, unlike its Mulberry cousin, builds its cocoon with several shorter threads. This makes killing it unnecessary since the cocoon can be harvested once empty with no damage to the threads’ natural quality.

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Handwash in cold water


Eri Silk

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175 x 50 cm


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