Beach or shopping bag made with traditional Mozambican Capulana cloth.

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Coral Tree shopping bags are made by women in Mozambique. The bags are made with traditional capulana cloth which is a type of a sarong worn primarily in Mozambique but also in other areas of Africa. It is a length of material about 2 metres by 1 metre. It can either be used as a wrap-around skirt, dress or can become a baby carrier on the back. It is considered a complete piece of clothing. Capulanas have been in Mozambique since the establishment of the Arab/Indian trade routes. Brightly coloured, Capulana are often offered as gifts to women. Some couples make matching “Kapulana” outfits for special events or for a significant reason such as a traditional marriage between the two. These beautiful bags are rendered all the more special because they are lined with recycled rice bags, which makes the inside waterproof. They make perfect beach or shopping bags.

Size 40x37x17cm

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Cotton lined with recycled plastic


40 x 37 x 17cm


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